What Barbra Streisand’s Former Partners Have Shared About Her


Barbra Streisand, a legendary figure in entertainment, has had several notable relationships in her life, and her recent memoir, “My Name is Barbra,” shed some light on her past romantic involvements. While Streisand has generally kept her private life out of the public eye, her ex-partners, such as Elliott Gould and Jon Peters, have spoken about their relationships with her.

Elliott Gould, Streisand’s first husband, met her at the beginning of her career. He expressed that their marriage faced challenges as Streisand’s stardom soared, causing strains in their relationship. Gould revealed in interviews that her burgeoning success seemed to overshadow their personal connection, making it challenging for them to grow together. Despite this, Gould has shown respect and admiration for Streisand, emphasizing their positive family life even after their divorce. He’s chosen not to publicly divulge every aspect of their relationship, expressing a desire not to exploit their marriage for personal gain.

On the other hand, Jon Peters, another of Streisand’s significant partners, dated her for almost a decade. Peters, who transitioned from being a celebrity hairdresser to a producer, openly spoke about his relationship with Streisand, attributing her immense influence on his life and career. However, Peters faced controversy when a leaked proposal for his memoir made unsettling claims, including an allegation about Streisand being molested by a producer. Streisand vehemently refuted the statements attributed to her in Peters’ book proposal, labeling them as distorted or entirely false. While she didn’t directly address the specific sexual assault allegations, she has previously stated that she never experienced harassment or abuse in the entertainment industry.


Streisand, in her recent memoir and occasional interviews, provided insight into her relationships, offering a glimpse into her personal life, which she had previously kept guarded. Her ex-partners, while sharing their experiences, have shown varying degrees of discretion and respect when discussing their relationships with the iconic singer and actress.