What are Eddie Murphy’s children’s ages?


Eddie Murphy’s family tree is an impressive sight, branching out with a total of ten children spanning from early adolescence to their mid-30s. Although he may not surpass the kid count of competitors like Nick Cannon with 12 or Elon Musk with 11, Murphy certainly isn’t lagging behind in the “parenting a tribe” competition.

While his children come from different mothers, they seem to have maintained close ties throughout the years, despite the significant age gaps among them. Murphy, in his own humorous tone, has proudly proclaimed that despite having ten kids, he’s skillfully avoided raising any of the stereotypical “Hollywood jerk kids.”

Here’s a glimpse into the diverse age range of Eddie Murphy’s children:


Eric Murphy: The oldest, born in July 1989, making him 34 years old.

Bria Murphy: Eddie’s second child, born in November 1989, making her just a few months younger than her older brother, Eric. She also recently celebrated her 34th birthday.

Christian Murphy: Born in late November 1990, Christian is about to turn 33 and shares a birthday month with his sister Bria.

Myles Mitchell Murphy: Born in early November 1992, he recently turned 31.

Shayne Audra Murphy: The fifth child, born in October 1994, is 29 years old and has shown interest in acting, following her father’s footsteps.

Zola Ivy Murphy: Born on Christmas Eve in 1999, she’s about to celebrate her 24th birthday.

Bella Zahra Murphy: Eddie’s fourth daughter, born in January 2002, turned 21 earlier this year.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown: Born in April 2007, Angel is the only child from Murphy’s relationship with Melanie Brown (Mel B), and she is 16 years old.

Izzy Oona Murphy: The ninth child, born in May 2016, is just seven years old and shares a birthday with her half-sister, Angel.

Max Charles Murphy: The youngest of the lot, born in November 2018, will soon celebrate his fifth birthday.

Despite the diverse ages and different mothers, Eddie Murphy seems to take pride in his large and tight-knit family.