What Are Bear And Raiven Brown Up To Now?


Over the past few tumultuous years, the journey of Bear Brown and Raiven Brown from the “Alaskan Bush People” series has been marked by ups and downs in their relationship. However, the couple seems to have found a happy and loving place together today. Recently, Bear took to Instagram to express his heartfelt birthday wishes to Raiven, calling her the love of his life and acknowledging her unwavering love and support that shaped him into the person he is. He described the experience of looking into her eyes as akin to catching a glimpse of heaven.

Their relationship timeline has been a roller coaster ride. After meeting in 2018, they became engaged a year later, but their engagement lasted only two weeks before they parted ways. Despite this, they remained connected, sharing the news of their first child. Their romantic journey saw its share of starts and stops, marked by challenges, including Raiven filing a domestic violence protective order against Bear in 2020.

However, in January 2022, Raiven and Bear tied the knot. Subsequently, they joyfully revealed they were expecting their second child. And now, with the announcement of their third child due in August 2024, the couple is overjoyed to further expand their family.


Their recent Instagram announcement in December shared the delightful news of Raiven’s pregnancy with #babynumber3. Both Bear and Raiven expressed their excitement and happiness about the new addition to their family. Their posts featured a charming display of ornaments, baby clothes, and an ultrasound image, emphasizing the anticipation of their “special delivery.”

The news of their upcoming addition is especially poignant considering the challenges they’ve faced. Despite their current seemingly contented state with their sons River and Cove, Raiven has encountered hurdles in motherhood. She revealed experiencing a miscarriage before the birth of Cove. Moreover, Cove faced premature infant lung disease upon arrival in January 2023, a challenging time documented by various outlets. Despite a brief split post-Cove’s birth, Raiven and Bear reunited, as seen in their family photo captioned “The boys” on Instagram.

Their journey as a couple has been a series of peaks and valleys, yet they seem resolute in overcoming challenges and celebrating the joyous moments together.