What All Of Travis Kelce’s Exes Have Said About Him!


As Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift embark on their new journey together, some of Kelce’s former NFL associates are sharing their thoughts on their past relationships with him. While Swift has remained tight-lipped about Kelce, their public appearances and body language tell a story of affection and mutual happiness. Photographs of them holding hands and a shared moment captured by Chariah Gordon, the girlfriend of Kelce’s teammate Mecole Hardman Jr., offer glimpses into their blossoming romance.

The sparks between Kelce and Swift have ignited a flurry of excitement among fans, especially witnessing Swift openly support her boyfriend during his games. While this is a fresh experience for Swift’s followers, it’s worth noting that Kelce has been involved in on-camera relationships before. In 2016, he starred in “Catching Kelce,” a dating series on E!, where one contestant from each U.S. state competed for his affections. Although Kentucky native Maya Benberry won, their relationship ended after eight months, with Benberry accusing Kelce of infidelity.

Following their breakup, Benberry expressed disappointment in Kelce’s lack of support when she faced online harassment from fans of the show. She highlighted that Kelce’s response, or lack thereof, to the racial abuse she endured strained their friendship. Benberry, candid about her experience, emphasized feeling let down by Kelce’s actions and asserted that such behavior was not befitting of someone she once considered marrying.


When rumors circulated about Kelce’s relationship with sportscaster Kayla Nicole in 2017, Benberry alluded to potential infidelity in a now-deleted tweet. However, she refrained from launching a smear campaign against him when he began dating Taylor Swift. Instead, Nicole openly discussed her emotional journey after the end of her long-term relationship, addressing the challenges she faced, including depression. Nicole made it clear that she’s ready to move forward and hopes for respect and understanding from those around her.

Despite past controversies and public relationships, Kelce and Swift are forging ahead with their newfound love, seemingly unfazed by the scrutiny. Only time will reveal how their romance will weather the demands of the spotlight.