Week 1 NBA Overreactions: Are the Nuggets Truly Unbeatable? Is Tyrese Maxey Bound for All-NBA Stardom?


The first week of the NBA season has already generated a host of intriguing storylines that have caught the attention of basketball fans worldwide. As we navigate the early days of the season, where small sample sizes often lead to overreactions, it’s only fitting to indulge in a bit of speculation based on what we’ve witnessed on the court.

Here are some overreactions drawn from the first week of NBA action, including thoughts on the apparent dominance of the Denver Nuggets, the impact of James Harden on Tyrese Maxey, the challenges facing the Memphis Grizzlies in Ja Morant’s absence, and the concerns surrounding the Chicago Bulls.

1. Give the Nuggets the 2024 Larry O’Brien Trophy now:
– The Denver Nuggets have demonstrated an exceptional level of dominance in the early stages of the season. Their continuity, led by Nikola Jokic, sets them apart from other teams that are still figuring things out. As a result, the overreaction suggests that the Nuggets are poised for back-to-back championships.


2. James Harden was holding Tyrese Maxey back from an All-NBA season:
– Tyrese Maxey has shone in the absence of James Harden, putting up impressive scoring numbers early in the season. The overreaction posits that Maxey can become an All-NBA player if he continues to be the clear second option behind Joel Embiid, even if Harden returns.

3. Ja Morant won’t be back in time to save the Grizzlies’ season:
– The Memphis Grizzlies face a challenging start to the season due to Ja Morant’s suspension and a series of injuries. With a winless beginning, the overreaction suggests that it will be difficult for the Grizzlies to recover in a highly competitive Western Conference, even when Morant returns.

4. The Bulls’ situation is the most dire in the NBA:
– The Chicago Bulls have faced early-season struggles, including a players-only meeting after their home opener. The overreaction points to concerns about the team’s core, the absence of Lonzo Ball, and the need for significant changes in order to compete effectively in the Eastern Conference.

While these overreactions capture the essence of the early-season narratives, it’s essential to remember that the NBA season is a long and dynamic journey, and many twists and turns are yet to come.