Washington Commanders break Baltimore Ravens’ preseason winning streak with late victory


In a dramatic turn of events, the Washington Commanders emerged victorious with a 29-28 win over the Baltimore Ravens, ending the Ravens’ remarkable 24-game preseason winning streak that had extended back to 2016.

The Commanders’ kicker, Joey Slye, secured the win by nailing a 49-yard field goal in the final moments of the game. Although Washington came close to tying the score at 28, their two-point conversion attempt was thwarted by Ravens cornerback Kyu Kelly’s strong defense against Alex Armah.

Despite the challenges faced by both teams, the Ravens, led by quarterback Anthony Brown Jr., couldn’t effectively run down the clock. A crucial 4th-and-11 situation for Washington was salvaged by a pass interference call, allowing Jake Fromm’s connection with Kazmeir Allen to set up Slye’s game-winning field goal.


Fromm emphasized the team’s relentless determination, while Ravens head coach John Harbaugh countered claims that the streak was inconsequential, highlighting the intense efforts put in by players during preseason matches. Harbaugh attributed the streak’s longevity to the Ravens’ holistic approach to player development, training, scouting, and teamwork.

The game also showcased the clash between first-round draft picks Zay Flowers and Emmanuel Forbes, with Flowers, a Ravens wide receiver, marking his professional debut with an impressive 26-yard touchdown reception. The Commanders’ victory not only ended the Ravens’ historic streak but also underscored the unpredictability and excitement inherent in sports competitions.