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Brandi Glanville, known for her appearances in The Real Housewives franchise, has initiated legal proceedings against Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the show and host of Watch What Happens Live. Glanville alleges sexual harassment on Cohen’s part, detailing an incident where Cohen, purportedly in an intoxicated state, sent her a video message expressing his desire to sleep with another Bravo star while inviting Glanville to watch via Facetime. Glanville feels trapped and disgusted by Cohen’s actions, given his influential position within the Bravo network.

The legal notice sent by Glanville’s legal team was addressed to NBCUniversal, the parent company of Bravo, Shed Media, and Warner Bros., the parent company of Shed Media. Glanville’s claim highlights the power dynamics at play within the industry, emphasizing Cohen’s authority and the impact it had on her.

Cohen responded to the allegations on Twitter, acknowledging the incident but insisting it was meant as a joke, with both parties participating willingly. Despite this, Cohen acknowledged the inappropriateness of his actions and issued an apology to Glanville.


This isn’t the first time Cohen has faced criticism for his behavior towards women. A past incident involving Nicki Minaj rejecting his request for a selfie with her buttocks garnered backlash from viewers, showcasing a pattern of behavior that some find concerning.

Regarding Glanville’s own allegations of sexual harassment, her co-star Caroline Manzo’s lawsuit against Bravo is still ongoing. Manzo accuses Glanville of engaging in inappropriate and non-consensual behavior during the filming of Girls’ Trip, which has allegedly caused significant distress and halted Glanville’s work opportunities, leading her to turn to platforms like OnlyFans for income. The future of the Girls’ Trip series remains uncertain, as it’s reported to have been permanently canceled.

These incidents shed light on the prevalence of sexual harassment within the entertainment industry, underscoring the importance of organizations like RAINN and the National Sexual Abuse Hotline in providing support to