Was Monkey D. Dragon a marine?


Monkey D. Dragon, one of the mysterious characters in One Piece, remains shrouded in mystery despite being introduced early in the story. Dragon is revealed to be the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, labeled as the “world’s worst criminal.” His identity as Luffy’s father is disclosed by Garp in Water 7, surprising both Luffy and fans. Dragon, however, remains an absent figure in Luffy’s life, leaving him in the custody of Garp and later Dadan.

Born in the Goa Kingdom 55 years ago, Dragon was the leader of the Freedom Fighters, a group that later became the Revolutionary Army, co-founded by Dragon, Bartholomew Kuma, and Emporio Ivankov. Their mission is to overthrow the World Government.

Recent One Piece chapters provide more insight into Dragon’s past. He was the captain of the Freedom Fighters and invited Vegapunk to join the militia. While there is no definitive proof that Dragon was a full-fledged Marine, indications suggest that he might have fought on behalf of the World Government in the past. Garp’s attempt to mold Luffy into a Marine as a child raises the possibility that he may have tried the same with Dragon.


Dragon’s desire to overthrow the World Government and the Nobles, coupled with the possibility of his past involvement with the Marines, positions him as a significant threat in the eyes of the World Government. The secrets he holds make him a prime target for the government and the five elders, contributing to his status as the “world’s worst criminal.”