Was Matt Rife canceled?


The 28-year-old standup comedian Matt Rife, much like many others in the public eye, has managed to avoid being “canceled” despite facing various controversies throughout his career.

Initially gaining traction through the internet and landing roles in shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “Wild ‘n Out,” Rife leveraged his online presence, producing self-made specials like “Only Fans,” “Matthew Steven Rife,” and “Walking Red Flag” between 2021 and 2023. Despite his rising fame, he encountered negative attention due to accusations that surfaced, notably a controversy involving a joke striking similarities to a Ralphie May bit, which was labeled as a direct lift. The situation exploded online, attracting attention but also leading to polarized opinions among readers.

Another instance that stirred the pot was an interview with Men’s Health, where Rife, often likened to the physique of G.I. Joes, addressed his own physical attractiveness. He mentioned that his appearance, while seemingly advantageous, made it more challenging for him to win people over as a comedian.

Twitter, a platform known for resurfacing past remarks, brought back some of Rife’s controversial tweets from 2016. These tweets exhibited insensitive views towards the LGBTQ+ community, a disregard for social norms, and even included the use of the N-word. Despite the deletion of these tweets, each resurgence led to backlash, yet Rife remained unscathed in terms of his career.

Among the resurfaced tweets was a swiftly deleted post about the Oscars and the cast of ‘Parasite,’ which seemed to align with the misconception blaming Asians for the origin of COVID-19. However, despite these controversies and criticisms, Rife’s career continued to flourish. His new professionally produced special, “Natural Selection,” released on Netflix, further solidified his standing, indicating that despite the controversies, he remains active and uncanceled in the entertainment industry.