Vulcans explained!


Vulcans in Star Trek are a highly advanced humanoid species originating from the planet Vulcan, later renamed Ni’Var. This planet is characterized by towering statues, red hues, rocky terrain, and an arid climate. They hold a pivotal role as one of the founding members of The Federation, exerting significant influence in the Alpha Quadrant and shaping the course of galactic history. Notably, Vulcans played a crucial role in humanity’s first contact with extraterrestrial life after Zefram Cochrane successfully developed warp drive technology in 2063.

Despite their reputation for cold logic, Vulcans are actually a highly emotional and volatile species. They utilize logic as a means to control and suppress their natural emotions in pursuit of truth. This emphasis on logic is a fundamental aspect of Vulcan culture, with practices like meditation and reflective rituals serving as tools for emotional management. From birth, Vulcans are trained to prioritize logic over emotion, culminating in the Kolinahr, a ritual to purge all remaining emotions once a high level of logical adherence is attained.

Vulcan biology is distinctive, featuring pointed ears, upward-angled eyebrows, and dark, mostly straight hair. They possess three times the strength and vastly superior reaction times compared to humans. Notably, Vulcan blood is green due to the presence of copper, as opposed to the iron-based blood of humans. Their harsh homeworld has endowed them with exceptional endurance to high temperatures, water scarcity, and sleep deprivation. Furthermore, Vulcans enjoy significantly extended lifespans, with an average individual living for 200 years or more.


Several notable Vulcans have played significant roles in Star Trek lore. The iconic Spock, along with his father Sarek and brother Sybok, have had a profound impact on galactic affairs. T’Pring, Spock’s fiancée, is known for her pivotal role in an event with potentially fatal consequences for Captain Kirk. In the realm of the original series (TOS) movies, characters like Saavik and Valeris emerged as notable Vulcan figures. Additionally, other prominent Vulcans include T’Pol in “Enterprise,” Tuvok in “Voyager,” and T’Lyn in “Lower Decks.” While these individuals have contributed significantly, Spock remains the most iconic of all Vulcan characters in the Star Trek universe.