VP Kamala Harris calls on Israel to stop killing innocent Palestinians and respect humanitarian law


Vice President Kamala Harris gave remarks on Dubai that sharply criticised both Hamas and Israel. She stated that the Biden administration wants the conflict to end and for both to provide more protection for Palestinians in Gaza.

Harris, in her most extensive public comments to date regarding the war between Israel and Hamas, stressed that Israel has their right to defend itself against the U.S. designated terrorist group’s attack, which killed more than 1,200 and abducted at least 240 Israelis on October 7. She also acknowledged that Israel “must do more to protect civilian life” in its military response, where they have vowed to wipe out its existence.

“The United States is unequivocal; international humanitarian law must be respected. Too many innocent Palestinians have been killed,” said Harris in a conversation with Israeli military leaders.


The remarks made by the vice president appear to go beyond the criticism made by President Biden towards Israel’s attack on Gaza, which has destroyed much of the Palestinian city.

Harris addressed the issue post meeting with Qatar and Egypt leaders, who served as mediators in the Hamas – Israel conflict.