VMware Unveils Cloud and AI Innovations at Explore 2023, Barcelona

Empowering Multi-Cloud Journeys and Accelerating Generative AI Adoption for Enterprises


At its Explore 2023 event in Barcelona, VMware, a pioneer in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, has announced a spectrum of new offerings, services, and extended partnerships. These initiatives aim to empower organizations in navigating their multi-cloud journey efficiently and integrate the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) into the enterprise landscape.

Cloud Smart Approach for Multi-Cloud Success

VMware is dedicated to aiding organizations in adopting a ‘Cloud Smart’ approach, transforming multi-cloud complexity into a competitive advantage. The company envisions helping businesses navigate the intricacies of multi-cloud environments seamlessly, enhancing their overall operational efficiency and competitiveness.


Generative AI and Collaborative Initiatives

Building on its private AI announcements at VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas, the company is deepening its commitment to enable customers to adopt generative AI in the enterprise. VMware is establishing collaborative initiatives with industry partners, such as Intel and IBM, to harness the potential of AI responsibly and ethically.

Chris Wolf, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at VMware, emphasized the flexibility provided by the growing open ecosystem, centralizing management for both AI and non-AI workloads. The goal is to reduce the total cost of ownership and offer an innovative and open environment for AI adoption.

Private AI with Intel and Collaboration with IBM

The collaboration with Intel introduces VMware Private AI, aiming to accelerate AI adoption and enable private AI across data centers, public clouds, and edge environments. This initiative ensures flexibility, choice, privacy, and control for customers, providing a robust foundation for AI infrastructure.

Furthermore, VMware is collaborating with IBM to bring IBM watsonx to on-premises environments. By combining VMware Private AI with Red Hat OpenShift, enterprises gain access to fast and transparent generative AI capabilities. This collaboration facilitates the deployment of IBM watsonx in private on-premises Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments and hybrid clouds, leveraging watsonx SaaS offerings on IBM Cloud.

Modernizing, Optimizing, and Protecting with Generative AI

VMware announced offerings designed to empower customers to leverage the power of generative AI while modernizing, optimizing, and better protecting applications, operations, and data across any cloud. The introduction of Data Services Manager ensures consistent and secure management of data services running on VMware Cloud Foundation, catering to the needs of IT administrators, data teams, and developers.

Additional highlights include the integration of Google Cloud AlloyDB Omni as the first third-party PostgreSQL-compatible database natively integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation. VMware also addresses the critical challenge of cybersecurity with the tech preview of VMware Intelligent Threat Detection and the introduction of VMware Live Recovery, offering comprehensive prevention, detection, and recovery from ransomware.

VMware Sovereign Cloud has expanded its services, including integrated data services through VMware Cloud Director and ecosystem partners, along with enhanced capabilities in developer-centric tools like VMware Tanzu and VMware NSX.

The updates to Spring, a leading Java development framework, and enhancements across Tanzu Application Platform, Tanzu Data Solutions, and Tanzu Intelligence Services aim to expedite the development, operation, and optimization of higher-performing applications with enhanced security and cost-effectiveness. The comprehensive suite of innovations underscores VMware’s commitment to driving digital transformation and AI adoption in the enterprise landscape.