Viral Video: BBC Presenter’s Unintentional Slip Sparks Laughter on Social Media


BBC presenter Gareth Barlow’s accidental slip of the tongue has become a viral sensation on social media, showcasing the amusing and relatable nature of human moments. The video, posted by Barlow on a popular social platform, captures the unexpected blunder that occurred during his news segment.

In the video, Barlow stands camera-ready, prepared to initiate the segment. However, instead of the usual “You are watching,” he mistakenly says “I am watching.” His immediate realization of the error triggers a humorous reaction, highlighting the genuine and spontaneous aspect of the incident.

Accompanying the video is Barlow’s playful caption, “Can someone please remind me who’s watching the news🤦‍♂️.” The clip’s popularity has soared, amassing nearly 875,000 views and counting. The widespread engagement underscores the universal appeal of light-hearted moments that connect with people across various online platforms.


Social media users joined in on the fun, sharing their own reactions and humorous comments. One user playfully remarked, “You are ‘kind of technically’ watching the news. I mean you’re watching the packages and responding to output so you’re right. Been one of those days. At least it’s not the tech having one of those days (which is the worse option).”