Usher’s Growing Kids: A Look At His Children Growing Up So Fast!


Usher, the renowned R&B icon, cherishes his role as a father above all else. In a heartfelt interview in 2014, he expressed that his sons take precedence in his life, emphasizing how their presence brings him unparalleled joy. Usher’s journey into fatherhood began in 2007 with the arrival of Usher Raymond V, followed by Naviyd Ely in 2008, both with his then-wife Tameka Foster. Despite the immense joy fatherhood brought him, it took Usher another 12 years before he welcomed his next child.

In September 2020, news broke that Usher and his longtime girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea, were expecting their first child together. The couple later welcomed their daughter, Sovereign Bo, sharing their joy with the world. A year after Sovereign’s arrival, Usher’s family expanded again with the birth of his son, Sire Castrello, solidifying his role as a father of four.

Usher V, also known as Cinco, and Naviyd Ely, Usher’s two eldest sons, appear unfazed by their father’s global fame. During a 2022 interview, Usher amusingly revealed that his older boys, particularly Cinco, prefer not to be addressed by his iconic name. While they acknowledge their father’s celebrity status, they maintain a nonchalant attitude towards it. Despite their dad’s hectic schedule, Usher ensures he carves out quality time for his children, though it seems that the older boys are growing into their independence.


Interestingly, Usher’s older children are showing early signs of interest in the entertainment industry. While they might not be as starstruck by their father’s achievements, they’re gradually finding their own paths within the world of entertainment.

Usher’s philanthropic efforts also extend to his family. In a touching Instagram post, Usher shared a moment of giving back with his teenage sons, as they distributed free food to residents in need, highlighting the importance of compassion and community service.

For Usher, fatherhood serves as a wellspring of inspiration. His song “I Cry” was deeply influenced by a poignant moment shared with his sons during a movie, underscoring the emotional depth and vulnerability that parenthood brings. Additionally, Usher’s eldest son, Usher V, who lives with Type 1 diabetes, exemplifies a remarkable bravery that inspires the artist. This journey of fatherhood intertwines seamlessly with Usher’s music and life, enriching him with invaluable lessons of vulnerability, inspiration, and unparalleled courage.