US President Biden welcomes extended 2-day truce deal between Israel, Hamas


US President Joe Biden on Monday welcomed the additional two-day truce between Israel and Hamas after Qatar’s successful mediation, as reported by The Times of Israel. Biden issued a statement, welcoming the extended truce. “I have remained deeply engaged over the last few days to ensure that this deal–brokered and sustained through extensive US mediation and diplomacy–can continue to deliver results,” the US President said. As Hamas released 11 more hostages on the fourth day of the truce, Biden said, “Thus far, more than 50 hostages have now been released and returned to their families. Those released include young children, mothers, and grandmothers.” He restated the plight of Avigail Idan, a four-year-old Israeli-American who was released yesterday.

According to The Times of Israel, her parents were murdered in front of her on October 7, before Idan was taken hostage. Biden further said, “I spoke with Abigail’s family following her release, and we are working closely with our Israeli partners to ensure she gets the care and support she needs as she begins to recover from this unspeakable trauma.” Moreover, he highlighted the additional humanitarian assistance, and noted, “The humanitarian pause has also enabled a significant surge in additional humanitarian assistance to the innocent civilians who are suffering across the Gaza strip.” Further, Biden stressed that no other country has donated more in humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians than the US, The Times of Israel reported.

“We are taking full advantage of the pause in fighting to increase the amount of humanitarian aid moving into Gaza and we will continue our efforts to build a future of peace and dignity for the Palestinian people,” Biden said. He further thanked the leaders of Israel, Qatar, and Egypt for their cooperation and pledged to continue the fight until all hostages in Gaza are released, according to The Times of Israel. Earlier on Monday, Qatar successfully negotiated an agreement between Israel and Hamas to extend the four-day truce between them by an additional two days, Doha’s foreign ministry spokesperson said.


“The State of Qatar announces, as part of the ongoing mediation, an agreement has been reached to extend the humanitarian truce for an additional two days in the Gaza Strip,” posted spokesperson Majed Al Ansari on X. This means at least ten more Israeli hostages will be released on Tuesday and that another ten will be released on Wednesday, with 30 Palestinian prisoners to be freed by Israel on each day as well, as reported by The Times of Israel. However, there is no immediate Israeli confirmation of the truce extension but Hamas issued its own statement confirming as much, crediting the Qatari and Egyptian mediation efforts, it added.