US government shutdown imminent as Republicans reject funding bill proposed by their leader


Hardline Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday rejected a bill proposed by their own leader Kevin McCarthy. The bill was to temporarily fund the government, however, beginning of Sunday, it is certain that federal agencies will partially shut down.

In 232-198 vote, the House defeated a measure that would have averted the shutdown for a month. That bill would have slashed spending and restricted immigration, Republican priorities that had little chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The defeat left Republicans- who control the chamber by 221-212 – without a clear strategy to avert the shutdown, that would cause chaos in everything from financial oversight to scientific research, if the funding is not extended past 12.01 am on Sunday. It might result into closing down of national parks, and disrupting pay for up to 4 million federal workers.


Post the vote, speaker McCarthy stated that the chamber might still pass the bill without the conservative policies, which has actually alienated the Democrats. However, he declined to comment over what would happen next. The chamber is expected to hold more votes on Saturday.