Unveiling the Reasons Behind Candy Spelling’s First Marriage with Howard Frederick Leveson!


Candy Spelling’s journey through marriage has been marked by contrasting experiences. Her first union, at the tender age of 17, was with Howard Frederick Leveson. Unfortunately, this marriage was short-lived, lasting only two and a half years. The relationship came to an end when Candy discovered that her husband was gay. She candidly shared this revelation during a 2023 interview on Sirius XM’s “Jeff Lewis Live.” She explained that she had no inkling of her husband’s sexual orientation when they wed. The lack of intimacy in their marriage eventually led her to realize the truth about his sexuality. She recalled that they were intimate only a handful of times during their time together, which understandably took a toll on her self-esteem.

Divorce was an uncommon occurrence in the early 1960s, making Candy’s decision to end the marriage especially notable. Despite the challenges she faced, Candy emerged from this experience with resilience and a determination to find happiness.

That happiness arrived in the form of Aaron Spelling, a man she often referred to as her “Prince Charming.” The deep affection and admiration Candy held for Aaron were evident in her many public expressions of love for him. She described him as the sweetest, nicest man one could hope to be married to, expressing doubts about ever finding someone like him again. Candy and Aaron’s union was marked by a harmonious partnership, characterized by mutual respect and shared values.


Aaron, however, had a fear of flying rooted in a near miss he experienced during his time in the Air Force during World War II. This fear led to a unique approach to travel in their marriage. Despite Candy’s love for exploring the world, she adapted to Aaron’s phobia and limited their journeys to car trips, train rides, and boat excursions. This compromise is a testament to the adaptability and understanding that defined their relationship.

Ultimately, Candy’s journey through marriage reflects the complexities and evolution of love and partnerships in her life. From her early experiences to her enduring connection with Aaron, her story is one of resilience, adaptability, and a pursuit of genuine happiness.