Unusual Glitch in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Allows Players to Run Across the Sky


A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 player has stumbled upon an intriguing bug within the game that enables characters to sprint through the skies, defying gravity. Since its highly anticipated release in October, Spider-Man 2 has garnered immense acclaim, earning numerous nominations and landing on various “Game of the Year” lists. With a remarkable Metacritic score of 91, the game has joined the ranks of Insomniac’s highest-rated titles like Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Despite the game’s shorter playtime and the delayed arrival of the new game plus feature until next year, enthusiasts have delved deep into the fictional rendition of New York, seeking various experiences within the game. Consequently, players have encountered several glitches, ranging from amusing instances like Miles mimicking a Tony Hawk game’s rail grind to a viral bug that transformed Miles into a peculiar white cube while maintaining his voice lines and movesets. Insomniac swiftly responded by issuing updates to rectify these glitches, aiming to ensure a smoother gaming experience for players.

byu/Reyham_furus inSpidermanPS4


However, the nature of updates addressing one issue often leads to the emergence of new glitches. This was evident in a Reddit post by user Reyham_furus, showcasing a video in the Spider-Man PS4 subreddit, depicting Peter Parker sporting one of his suits while seemingly running above New York’s skyline, defying gravity and ascending as if scaling a skyscraper. As Peter continues his aerial sprint with a quest marker below him, the video lags, accompanied by cut-out sound effects, indicating the unintended nature of reaching such altitudes in the game’s skybox.

This peculiar bug shares similarities with another floating glitch triggered by revisiting the scene of an earlier sidequest involving The Flame and interacting with a chair. However, Reyham_furus’ glitch showcases Spider-Man in motion without a chair present, hinting at an alternate bug that propels the character into the air.

Unless players manage to replicate this glitch extensively or it becomes game-breaking, it might persist for a while, given Insomniac’s focus on recovering from a data breach. Nevertheless, with the arrival of the next substantial update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, introducing new game plus and the ability to manipulate the time of day, this floating glitch may soon become a thing of the past.