Unraveling the Trump-McEnany Split: Decoding the Rift Between the Former President and His Press Secretary


Kayleigh McEnany’s trajectory within Donald Trump’s sphere went from a golden child to landing on the former POTUS’ blacklist, marking a significant fall from grace. Her association with Trump initially garnered positive attention, notably during her speech at the RNC in August 2020, where she highlighted her relationship with the then-President and their alleged caring moments. However, this portrayal of a tender side clashed with the reality of Trump’s administration policies, particularly regarding healthcare.

Despite her proclaimed loyalty and support, McEnany found herself facing backlash, a common fate among Trump’s inner circle. Her exit from the White House in January 2021 didn’t ensure immunity from Trump’s disapproval, as a misrepresentation of poll numbers on Fox News in May 2023 led to Trump’s scathing criticism, branding her as “Milktoast” and claiming she exaggerated his popularity. This outburst drew criticism for Trump’s behavior from various quarters, illustrating his apparent loss of control.

McEnany continued to express admiration for Trump, even amidst adversity. However, her former colleagues, like Alyssa Farah Griffin, accused her of opportunism and dishonesty, highlighting a divide within the Trump administration regarding loyalty and honesty. Despite defending Trump on religious grounds after leaving her role as press secretary, McEnany faced allegations of prioritizing her post-Trump life over truth-telling to the American public.


McEnany’s journey from being celebrated by Fox News as a podium superstar to being branded as “Milktoast” underscored the complexities of navigating Trump’s inner circle, where loyalty and honesty were often at odds. Her experiences highlight the challenges faced by those who once stood close to Trump and the consequences of being associated with his administration’s policies and controversies.