Unraveling the Speculated Family Drama Surrounding Naomi Judd’s Estate!


After the tragic passing of Naomi Judd in May 2022, questions arose about the fate of her estate. Her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, released a heartfelt statement mourning their mother’s loss, acknowledging her struggle with mental illness. They expressed their shattered hearts and their gratitude for the public’s love for Naomi. Larry Strickland, Naomi’s husband, also issued a statement, asking for privacy during this trying time.

Despite a historically complex relationship, Wynonna and Ashley seemed to find common ground in the wake of their mother’s passing. Wynonna shared in October 2022 that, as sisters, they may have disagreements, but they both deeply admired their mother’s character.

However, it was revealed in August 2022 that Naomi had excluded her daughters from her will. Instead, she designated her husband, Larry Strickland, to have full authority over her property without court approval. Strickland would also receive reasonable compensation for his efforts in administering the estate. This revelation surprised many, leading to rumors of tension among the family members.


Rumors circulated that Wynonna intended to contest the will, believing there was a plot against her involving her mother, Strickland, and her sister Ashley. This reportedly strained Wynonna’s relationship with Ashley, as Ashley supported their mother’s decision.

Wynonna, though, clarified that she was unaware of any feud with her sister over the will. She expressed her confusion about the rumors and emphasized the strength of her relationship with Ashley. Wynonna emphasized that they were both leading fulfilling lives and saw no reason for conflict over the will.

In reality, Ashley and Wynonna were on excellent terms. Wynonna explained that, following their parents’ passing, they relied on each other for support and compassion. They shared a vulnerability and tenderness that strengthened their bond.

As for Naomi’s estate, Larry Strickland chose to sell her Nashville home and relocate to Florida. The house is now available for rent. Despite the challenges, Strickland and the Judd sisters are gradually moving forward.