Unraveling the Speculated Causes Behind Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin’s Divorce


Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in “Shameless,” was previously married to actress Addison Timlin. However, their relationship ended after nearly three years of marriage, and the split was reported to be due to trust issues that plagued their relationship.

The couple had been friends for over a decade before officially dating, with Timlin mentioning in 2013 that she was in a solid relationship with a mystery man, later revealed to be White. They welcomed their first child in 2018 and their second in 2020. In 2019, they opted for a low-key courthouse wedding in Los Angeles, eschewing a big ceremony.

Their marriage, which seemed like a solid love story, encountered significant trust issues, leading to their eventual divorce. Addison Timlin filed for divorce from Jeremy Allen White in May 2023, and despite neither party publicly commenting on the split, White hinted at personal struggles in an interview with GQ, alluding to “terribly low lows” in the past year, likely referring to the end of his marriage.


While the exact reasons behind their trust issues weren’t explicitly disclosed by either party, a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that these issues ultimately led to their divorce. Speculations and unconfirmed reports from outlets like Deuxmoi suggested that both White and Timlin might have been involved in infidelity during their relationship, though nothing was officially confirmed.

Following the divorce, Jeremy Allen White seemingly moved on relatively quickly. By August 2023, he was seen publicly with Ashley Moore, with sources describing their relationship as affectionate and smitten. Additionally, there were rumors linking White to Selena Gomez in July 2023 and to Rosalia in October 2023, although none of these rumored relationships were confirmed by the parties involved.

In contrast, Addison Timlin expressed the challenges of being a single mother (later edited to co-parent) on social media, indicating a struggle with the aftermath of their separation. Despite White exploring the dating scene, Timlin seemed to be coping differently and faced difficulties adapting to being a single parent.