Unraveling the Fate of Alexa PenaVega’s First Husband, Sean Covel


Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega’s love story began in 2012, defying Alexa’s initial reluctance to date someone in the entertainment industry. They met at a bible study group in Los Angeles, and despite Alexa’s prior reservations, the couple announced their engagement after just one year of dating. In 2014, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Mexico, adopting the combined last name PenaVega. Their family has since expanded with the arrival of three children: sons Kingston and Ocean, and a daughter named Rio. Alexa has spoken about how motherhood has brought more purpose to her life.

Before finding happiness with Carlos, Alexa was previously married to film producer Sean Covel, whom she wed in 2010 at the age of 22. However, their marriage ended in 2012, citing irreconcilable differences. Since the divorce, Sean Covel has not remarried and has immersed himself in various endeavors, including film projects such as “Concrete Blondes,” “Driving Blind,” “Carter & June,” and “Tater Tot & Patton.”

Apart from his film career, Sean has been actively involved in philanthropic activities, including founding the food sustainability program 12 Days of Pizza and the “Porter the Hoarder” Family Engagement Project. These initiatives aim to contribute to communities in South Dakota, where Sean grew up. He has also taken on the role of an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, teaching film creative development and finance strategies.


Despite the end of their marriage, Alexa and Sean remained friends, demonstrating an amicable separation. In interviews, Alexa has expressed her fondness for her ex-husband, emphasizing the importance of compromise in relationships. Sean, in turn, publicly congratulated Alexa and Carlos on their engagement, highlighting the supportive and positive dynamic between the former couple as they moved on with their lives.

The story reflects a mature and respectful approach to post-divorce relationships, emphasizing friendship and mutual support. Both Alexa PenaVega and Sean Covel have pursued fulfilling lives and continued to cheer each other on, showcasing a positive co-parenting and post-divorce friendship.