Unraveling the Conflict Between Tumi and Natalya on Below Deck Mediterranean


Tumi Mhlongo and Natalya Scudder, who appeared on “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 8, faced significant challenges while working together in the yacht’s interior department. Initially, Mhlongo was hired as the chief stewardess but experienced immigration delays, leaving Scudder to take charge in her absence. When Mhlongo finally joined the crew, tensions between them escalated quickly.

Their conflict escalated to the point where Captain Sandy Yawn had to intervene due to the constant bickering. Yawn warned them that their feud could lead to their dismissal from the boat if they couldn’t resolve their issues. Despite Yawn’s intervention, the disagreements between Mhlongo and Scudder persisted, leading to a stressful working environment.

Part of their conflict was fueled by Kyle Viljoen, another crew member, who acted as a mediator and contributed to escalating tensions between Mhlongo and Scudder by sharing negative comments made by one about the other.


Ultimately, Scudder decided to leave the show early due to the drama, but after some time, both Mhlongo and Scudder expressed a willingness to reconcile and work together more harmoniously. They acknowledged that outside interference had contributed to their conflict and expressed a desire to overcome their differences for a better working relationship in the future. Both indicated a willingness to give working together another chance and acknowledged each other’s professional strengths.

Their hope is that, if given the opportunity, they could create an effective and efficient team given their respective skills and abilities.