Unraveling How RHOBH Alum Diana Jenkins Amassed Her Enormous Wealth!


Diana Jenkins, a prominent figure on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” during Season 12, made headlines not just for her reality show stint but also for her significant wealth, which made her the wealthiest housewife in the franchise. With an estimated combined wealth valued at a staggering $300 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jenkins lived a life of opulence that was evident in her extravagant lifestyle. From having assistants meticulously arrange her surroundings before her arrival to professing unfamiliarity with outlet malls, Jenkins’ affluent lifestyle seemed worlds away from her humble beginnings in war-torn Sarajevo.

Her journey from poverty to opulence is a remarkable narrative. Jenkins shared on the show that she was raised in extreme poverty in Sarajevo and had to flee as a refugee during the war. Settling in London, she worked various menial jobs to make ends meet. However, her fortunes changed after marrying banker Roger Jenkins in 1999. By the time their amicable separation occurred in 2011, the couple’s accumulated wealth was reportedly over $370 million. Their subsequent divorce in 2014 resulted in Diana receiving a substantial settlement, reportedly surpassing $180 million, leaving her significantly wealthy and financially independent.

Jenkins’ financial astuteness extended beyond her divorce settlement. She delved into entrepreneurship, investing in ventures like Melissa Odabash Swimwear in 2007 and founding Neuro Brands in 2008. Neuro Brands, her brainchild, offers a range of lifestyle drinks designed to aid sleep, boost energy, and promote weight loss using natural ingredients. With an estimated annual revenue of $79 million, Neuro Brands has proven to be a successful enterprise under Jenkins’ leadership.

In recent years, Jenkins made headlines for her high-profile real estate dealings, selling her Malibu home for $87 million in 2021 and listing her Hidden Hills mansion for $20.5 million in 2023. Her luxury properties, featuring lavish amenities and upscale designs, underscore her opulent lifestyle. Although her appearance on “RHOBH” was short-lived, Jenkins’ success and lucrative business endeavors highlight her financial stability and thriving career outside the realm of reality television, showcasing her as a shrewd entrepreneur and a woman of immense financial prowess.