Unpacking the Reasons Behind the Polarizing Sentiments Towards Ayesha Curry!


Ayesha Curry, married to Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry, has faced significant scrutiny and criticism over the years. Their relationship, which predates Steph’s NBA career, has been a target for online trolls. Ayesha and Steph first met in their teens through a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fate brought them back together when Steph was in Los Angeles for the ESPYs, leading him to ask her out via Facebook. Their enduring relationship seems to irk haters, particularly as Ayesha has built her own successful career.

Critics have accused Ayesha of gaining her success solely because of her marriage to Steph, despite her thriving culinary ventures, including cookbooks, TV shows, and a restaurant chain. Ayesha has pushed back against these assumptions, asserting that Steph hasn’t financially invested in her ventures.

Ayesha has also been subjected to criticism for expressing her views on modesty in dressing. Some found her comments judgmental and accused her of slut-shaming. She received backlash for her admission of feeling unnoticed, highlighting insecurities related to being a sports star’s spouse.


Her comments during the 2016 NBA Finals, suggesting the games were rigged, garnered significant attention and criticism. Ayesha faced accusations of being a sore loser, with some suggesting she should refrain from venting on social media.

A joke she made on the talk show “The Real” in 2021 about removing her wedding ring for a shirtless waiter received mixed reactions. Some saw it as harmless humor, while others felt it disrespected her husband.

Ayesha’s dance moves, shared on social media, were also met with harsh criticism, with some ridiculing her skills and accusing her of seeking attention.

In 2019, Ayesha revealed her decision to get breast implants while struggling with postpartum depression, a personal choice she made for her own well-being. Some critics accused her of oversharing and seeking attention.

Ayesha faced backlash for changing her hairstyle, with some accusing her of adopting a “white girl” aesthetic. Critics argued she had lost touch with her identity as a Black woman.

Finally, during a Drake concert, Ayesha’s expressions while watching her husband receive attention from the singer led to speculation and criticism online. Some interpreted her demeanor as jealousy.

Despite the ongoing scrutiny and criticism, Ayesha Curry continues to navigate her public life while pursuing her passions and supporting her husband’s career.