Unique Plan: Destiny 2 Player Aims to Battle The Witness Using a Guardian in Ronald McDonald Attire


In Destiny 2, players have been exhibiting remarkable creativity by using the game’s versatile Appearance Customization System to transform their characters into diverse pop culture figures. From the likes of Ronald McDonald to iconic personas such as the Doom Slayer, Man Ray from Spongebob Squarepants, and even The Mask portrayed by Jim Carrey, guardians are bringing various characters from different media into the Destiny 2 universe to confront formidable adversaries like The Witness, the game’s strongest enemy of the Light.

The introduction of Destiny 2’s transmog system during the Season of the Splicer marked a significant addition by Bungie. This system, facilitated by the Tower NPC, Ada-1, enables players to modify the appearance of their armor by completing specific bounties each season to acquire materials for customization. Fashion and customization have become notable strengths of the game, leading Bungie to host regular Fashion Shows and award exclusive emblems to the most stylishly dressed guardians. Furthermore, responding to community requests, Bungie implemented the Best Dressed commendation, allowing players to designate the most fashion-forward guardian after activities like Strikes and Crucible matches. Consequently, Destiny 2 enthusiasts continually strive to devise imaginative designs for their guardians, aiming to stand out in the game.

Ronald Mc’Donald is Mc’Ready to throw Hands with The Witness!
byu/Valus__Ta-aurc inDestinyFashion


A Reddit user, Valus_ _Ta-aurc, shared screenshots of their Titan, artfully customized to resemble Ronald McDonald, McDonald’s beloved mascot. The recreation involved a combination of various armor ornaments and shaders, incorporating pieces like Wyrmguard Greaves, Season of the Wish ritual leg Titan armor, and the Rivalry Resolute shader to emulate the iconic yellow pants and red boots. To replicate the yellow jacket, the Luxe Parka chest armor ornament from the Eververse store was utilized. Additionally, the player utilized a helmet obtainable from the Season of the Deep, featuring frills at the back to mimic Ronald McDonald’s distinctive bright red clown hair.

The post garnered attention on the Destiny 2 fashion-focused subreddit, eliciting reactions labeling the appearance as “terrifying” and “cursed,” with some users humorously expressing their reluctance to encounter this particular Titan in the Crucible. Some even drew parallels, noting similarities between the Titan’s appearance and Pennywise, the infamous clown from Stephen King’s horror novel It.

While this transformed Titan appears ready to confront The Witness, Bungie has announced a delay for The Final Shape until June 4, 2024. In the interim, Destiny 2 players can anticipate the release of an update titled Into the Light, promising new activities and content before the awaited encounter with The Witness.