Unique Perspective: Pokemon Emerald Enthusiast Showcases Isometric View Redesign of the Game


A skilled Pokemon enthusiast recently showcased a reimagined version of Pokemon Emerald, envisioning how the Gameboy Advance title might have appeared with an isometric viewpoint. Released in 2004, Pokemon Emerald belonged to the third generation of the franchise, introducing players to the Hoenn region alongside Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

The enduring popularity of the Gen 3 games has persisted, partly due to the challenges players and streamers have undertaken, such as the demanding Nuzlocke run, where gamers navigate the game using only a limited number of captured monsters. Recently, this challenge escalated further with a player’s mod for Pokemon Emerald, implementing modern mechanics and revamped gym battles into the game.

Rather than altering the game’s code directly, a talented artist named KyonC137 shared an image on Reddit that reimagines Pokemon Emerald’s perspective, transforming its traditional top-down view into an isometric angle. This artistic rendition also depicts characters with a more humanoid appearance, reminiscent of later generations of Pokemon games.


KyonC137’s creation has received an overwhelmingly positive response from gamers, accumulating over 6k upvotes at the time of writing. Many comparisons have been drawn to other Gameboy Advance titles like Capcom’s RPG Mega Man Battle Network, highlighting the visual similarity. Some comments express a desire for the artist to transform the image into a fan-made remake of Pokemon Emerald. However, the original poster appears hesitant due to Nintendo’s history of issuing DMCA takedown notices to fan projects.

While the likelihood of an unofficial Pokemon Emerald remake remains slim, the Pokemon community continues to channel its creativity into reinterpreting the franchise. Recently, a dedicated artist meticulously recreated Fallharbour Town from Pokemon Emerald using a distinctive pixel art style, offering hidden Easter eggs for the community to discover.

Two decades after the introduction of the Hoenn region, passionate enthusiasts like KyonC137 continue to demonstrate their fervor for the world that Game Freak crafted. Some fans have even delved into creating unique concepts like a Paradox Form for the legendary Gen 3 Pokemon, Jirachi, despite its absence from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As the anticipated DLC for the Switch games approaches its release in December 2023, fans eagerly await to see if any legendary creatures from the past will make a return to the franchise.