Understanding the Rift Between Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna


The fallout between Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna during Season 10 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was deeply felt by Richards, who felt that Rinna prioritized drama for the show over their long-standing friendship. Rinna initially brought Richards into the show and their first season together was enjoyable. However, tensions arose in Season 10 when Brandi Glanville claimed to have had an affair with Richards, and Rinna became vocal about the matter, straining their relationship.

Their feud escalated throughout the season, with Rinna confronting Richards in Italy and making comments about cease-and-desists, which further worsened their friendship. However, Richards revealed that the breaking point for her wasn’t just the on-camera drama but Rinna’s behavior off-camera and online.

Rinna’s social media posts attacking Richards, particularly regarding the affair storyline, deeply upset Richards. Rinna made comments on Instagram that were offensive and accused of containing homophobic undertones, causing distress to Richards, who considered these actions hurtful and damaging, especially considering their years-long friendship.


Despite Rinna expressing remorse for her behavior publicly and privately, Richards made it clear that while she welcomed Rinna’s apology, the possibility of rekindling their friendship was off the table. Richards expressed that she understood Rinna’s job requirement for creating drama on the show but had no intention of reconciling with her, feeling that Rinna sacrificed their friendship for the sake of a show she would eventually leave after a couple more seasons. For Richards, any apology from Rinna was deemed too late to repair their bond.