Understanding the Power of Branded Content in Modern Marketing

Defining Branded Content in the Ever-Changing Landscape of Advertising


The concept of branded content has evolved beyond a mere buzzword, representing a transformative force in advertising. At Pressboard, branded content is defined as any media that a brand collaboratively produces with a publisher, leveraging the credibility, expertise, and reach of premium platforms such as NBCUniversal, USA Today, or Bustle. This strategic partnership enables brands to connect with highly targeted audiences while maintaining trust.

Evolving Trends in Branded Content

Branded content has transcended its early advertorial roots, emerging as a pivotal advertising tool for publishers and advertisers alike. This form of content creation serves as an innovative means for businesses, ranging from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 giants like IBM and JPMorgan Chase, to engage with audiences authentically. Unlike traditional ads, the emphasis is on storytelling, creating a more meaningful connection with consumers.


Shifting From Banner Ads to Consumer-Centric Approaches

Consumer disinterest in banner ads, coupled with the rise of ad-blockers, has prompted marketers to seek alternative ways to communicate brand values effectively. Branded content addresses this challenge by offering value-driven narratives that resonate with consumers. Ascend Integrated Media’s report reveals that 70% of consumers prefer learning about products through content that provides thoughtful subject matter expertise.

Building Relationships Through Branded Content

Branded content serves as a potent tool for relationship-building, emphasizing intentional service to readers without interruption. It communicates a brand’s ethos, the stories it champions, and the ideas it aligns with, making it a pivotal marketing approach for the 21st century. With branded content prices ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 and beyond, companies are increasingly investing in it, recognizing its effectiveness in capturing attention, building trust, and translating into tangible business outcomes.

In essence, branded content is not merely a vanity tool but a strategic and powerful means of enhancing brand visibility, fostering consumer trust, and ultimately driving revenue. As marketers navigate the dynamic landscape of modern advertising, branded content stands out as a premium product with the potential to captivate audiences and deliver tangible returns on investment.