Understanding the Complete Fallout Between Captain Sandy and Captain Lee!


The world of “Below Deck” is usually filled with drama among the crew and guests, but recently, even the esteemed captains, Sandy Yawn and Lee Rosbach, found themselves in the midst of some shady exchanges. Their relationship initially seemed positive, with both captains expressing admiration for each other’s careers and offering support. However, things took a turn during a season of “Below Deck” when Captain Sandy Yawn filled in for Captain Lee Rosbach due to health issues.

During this season, Yawn had to deal with a challenging crew member, Camille Lamb, who was performing poorly in her dual roles and engaging in unprofessional behavior. When Yawn made the decision to fire Lamb, Captain Lee expressed dissatisfaction with the way she handled the situation. He took to social media, publicly expressing his displeasure with how Yawn handled the crew matter, stating that he would have preferred to be informed beforehand about the decision, even though he agreed with the decision itself.

Captain Sandy Yawn responded to Captain Lee’s criticism, defending her decision and explaining that as a captain on duty, she had the authority to make such decisions without seeking permission. She claimed that captains typically have each other’s backs but felt that Captain Lee hadn’t supported her from the beginning. Yawn expressed the opinion that Rosbach, as a man in a male-dominated industry, might not be comfortable with a female captain.


Their conflicting perspectives and public airing of grievances have caused tension between Yawn and Rosbach, marking a notable fallout between the two “Below Deck” captains.