Uncovering Secrets: Cyberpunk 2077 Gamer Discovers Stealthy Matrix Easter Egg!


A Cyberpunk 2077 gamer recently uncovered an intriguing Easter egg paying homage to The Matrix, a discovery that might have eluded many players during a standard playthrough. Unlike some more obvious Easter eggs within the game, this particular one is cleverly tucked away in a rather secluded location, demanding a bit of effort to reach.

Given that Cyberpunk 2077 features Keanu Reeves, renowned for his role in The Matrix franchise, it’s no surprise that nods to the films are sprinkled throughout the game. Another overt reference to the movie can be readily spotted in Cyberpunk 2077: a commercial that mirrors the iconic scene from The Matrix where Neo and Trinity gear up for rescuing Morpheus, famously stating, “guns, lots of guns.”

A diligent player known as Cerber_4_25 shared an in-depth video detailing their discovery of this Easter egg. Initially, they didn’t recognize it as a nod to The Matrix. While exploring the vicinity of Dogtown, the player noticed a peculiar-looking tunnel and set out to access it, employing nimble parkour skills and the Air Dash ability to navigate through an open window into the tunnel. While much of the area appeared vacant, a familiar scene from The Matrix revealed itself as they turned a corner near the end: two armed chairs positioned in front of an old-fashioned CRT television.


This specific area in Cyberpunk 2077 undeniably echoes a scene from The Matrix, reminiscent of the moment when Morpheus enlightens Neo about the truth of the real world and extends the invitation to escape The Matrix and join the resistance group. Though the setting differs from the film, the unmistakable presence of the chairs and television remains a clear homage. While Morpheus isn’t present, there’s even a table displaying a pair of pills, symbolizing Neo’s pivotal choice between the red and blue pills.

Interestingly, although the player had previously watched The Matrix, they hadn’t initially noticed the similarity until other players pointed it out. Their curiosity was piqued, prompting further exploration to decipher its significance. Cyberpunk 2077 is renowned for its plethora of Easter eggs, so discovering another reference to an iconic moment from The Matrix film adds to the game’s allure. Furthermore, there’s a small stash of loot for players who delve into this area, serving as a rewarding incentive for those who take the time to uncover the developers’ clever reference.

Beyond the inclusion of Keanu Reeves’ character, Johnny Silverhand, Cyberpunk 2077’s homage to The Matrix is fitting, considering the film’s pivotal role in popularizing the cyberpunk genre. Moreover, the game pays homage to other influential cyberpunk works such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira, both legendary anime that not only propelled the cyberpunk genre but also served as inspirations for The Matrix film itself.