Unconventional Horror Movie Climbs Netflix Charts, Gaining Popularity


The genre of horror films often traverses a spectrum of emotions and reactions, where what terrifies one viewer might evoke laughter or incredulity in another. Yet, nestled within this dynamic lies a gem on Netflix, offering a delightful concoction of the bizarre and the absurd. Enter “Malignant,” a slasher movie crafted by James Wan, the creative mastermind behind iconic franchises like Saw and The Conjuring, currently making waves on Netflix charts worldwide.

As of the latest update, “Malignant” holds its ground as the ninth most popular movie on Netflix in the UK. Despite its relatively modest global box office earnings of $34.9 million in 2021, the film’s initial theater run was overshadowed by lackluster marketing strategies compounded by the challenges posed by Covid-19 lockdowns.

What sets “Malignant” apart and renders it so captivating? To disclose would be akin to lifting the veil on its enigmatic nature, possibly diminishing the thrill. Suffice it to say, this monster movie harbors one of the most audacious and mind-bending twists in the annals of horror cinema. For the uninitiated, it’s a journey best experienced firsthand.


For those already acquainted with its narrative surprises, “Malignant” boasts a twist that outshines iconic plot reveals from renowned films. The twist is so revered among circles of enthusiasts that it’s become the gold standard for judging and evaluating other movie plot turns. Such is its impact that it has redefined how audiences perceive and interpret storytelling in cinema.

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