UN mission condemns killing of civilians, warns of escalation on Lebanon-Israel border


The potential for escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border is clear and must be stopped, said the spokesperson for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon while slamming the killing of four civilians in the country. “We heard tragic reports about the killing of four civilians, including three girls and a woman, in the vicinity of Aitaroun in southern Lebanon,” Tenenti said in a statement late Monday. Tenenti reiterated that attacks against civilians constitute a violation of international law and are considered “war crimes”, calling for a ceasefire in southern Lebanon to “stop harming more people”, reports Xinhua news agency.

On Sunday, an Israeli drone attack hit a vehicle in the southern Lebanese village of Aitaroun, killing three children and their grandmother while injuring their mother. Confrontations on the Lebanese-Israeli border continued on Monday, with Israeli forces attacking the outskirts of Naqoura and targeting Jabal Blat and the outskirts of the southern town of Marwahin with artillery shells, killing two Hezbollah militants. It raised the number of casualties among members of the Iran-backed militant group to 66.

For its part, Hezbollah announced that its fighters targeted Israeli sites in al-Malikiyah and Jal al-Deir with missiles and attacked the technical equipment at Israel’s al-Rahib military site. On the same day, some 30 rockets were launched from Lebanon toward northern Israel, triggering Israeli artillery fire in response, Israel’s military said in a statement. Hamas claimed responsibility for the rocket attack, saying 16 rockets were launched. Tensions continue to flare on the Israel-Lebabon border following the unprecedented Hamas attack on October 7.


Speaking for the first since the war erupted, the militant group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah said on November 3 that the Hezbollah would be “prepared for all scenarios”. He added that any escalation by the Israeli army at the border would be a “historic folly” that would prompt a major response. But he also said Hezbollah’s “primary goal” was to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza, and said it was incumbent on the US to implement the cessation of hostilities.