UN chief denounces Israel ‘clearly violating international laws’ in Gaza


UN chief Antonio Guterres condemned the “clear violations of international law” in Gaza, as U.S. continues to press Israel to pause its bombardments onto the enclaved Palestinian and allow more aid.

In his toughest remarks so far about the conduct of the war in the Gaza Strip, Guterres stated to UN security council that the safety of civilians has been paramount.

He said that protecting civilians do mean using them as human shields. It “does not mean ordering more than 1mn people to evacuate to the south, where there is no shelter, no food, no water, no medicine, and no fuel, and then continuing to bomb the south itself,” he added.


The chief also stated that the deadly attack by Palestinian militant, Hamas, on October 7, did not happen in vacuum.

He noted that the Palestinians have been in 56 years of suffocating occupation, however, he also said that their grievances could not justify the “appalling attacks.”

U.S. secretary of state, Antony Blinken, also addressed the UN council and claimed that the Hamas militants have been using civilians as human shields. He also appealed to Israeli government for “humanitarian pause” in its air strikes against Gaza, which will allow the civilians to get out of the harm.