Ukraine – Russia war: Putin issues ‘serious’ warning to the west as Kyiv shot down three bombers


Vladimir Putin has issued a “serious” warning to the west as Ukraine reportedly shot down three Russian bombers.

The Kremlin on Friday threatened “serious consequences” to Europe and the United States of Russian assets held abroad are given to aid the Ukrainian budget and war effort. These might include tit-for-tat financial seizures or even a break in diplomatic relations.

It comes as Ukraine’s air force chiefs said they had shot down three Russian Su-34 fighter bomber over the southern territory of the country. Su-34 aircraft, which are armed with guided bombs and Kh-59 missiles, which can carry out long-distance attacks.


Earlier, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky cited a report by HUR, the country’s military intelligence agency, that suggested a noticeable slowdown in Russia’s military-industrial complex, almost 22 months after Moscow’s full-scale invasion.

The warning comes following the announcement made by the Dutch government of planning to provide 18 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, which will act as a boost for the embattled nation that is growing increasingly anxious about aid from its Western allies.