UK Launches Antitrust Probe into Vodafone’s Merger with CK Hutchison’s Three Mobile Network

Competition and Markets Authority Initiates Investigation to Assess Potential Impact on Competition


The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has initiated an antitrust investigation into the proposed merger between Vodafone and CK Hutchison’s Three UK mobile network. The primary focus of the probe is to determine whether the merger could result in a “substantial lessening of competition.” If such concerns are identified, the CMA may proceed with a more detailed investigation.

The deal, agreed upon last year, involves Vodafone gaining a 51% ownership stake in the combined business, with CK Hutchison retaining a minority stake. The consolidation would bring together two significant players in the UK telecommunications market, prompting the CMA to assess the potential impact on competition before determining the next steps.

Vodafone, currently undergoing a transformation under CEO Margherita Della Valle, aims to merge with Three UK, ultimately reducing the number of mobile operators in the UK to three. Vodafone’s UK CEO Ahmed Essam, set to lead the new enterprise, emphasizes that the merger will enhance competition by providing additional resources for infrastructure investment.


Both Vodafone and Three UK defend the proposed merger, asserting that the combined business will be better positioned to compete with larger players in the market. The CMA now has 40 working days to evaluate the deal comprehensively before making further decisions.

The CMA’s recent scrutiny of major mergers and acquisitions highlights its increased focus on assessing potential implications for competition. Last year, the CMA conducted a thorough review of Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of gaming firm Activision Blizzard before eventually approving the deal.