U.S. to offer to another round of free-at-home COVID-19 tests from Monday onwards


The Biden administration, on Monday, said that they will be offering another round of free-at-home COVID-19 tests, ahead of the holiday season, when people gather in large numbers indoors and the virus typically spreads at higher levels.

Monday onwards, Americans can use COVIDtests.gov to request four free tests per household. For those who have not ordered any test this fall can now place two orders for a total of eight COVID-19 tests, according to the website.

Earlier in September, the administration had began a round of four free tests through the site, however, it was shut down during a political fight over COVID-19 funding.


Since the lab PCR tests – the traditional method of detecting the virus – have become more expensive and less accessible due to the government ending public health emergency in May, at-home tests have been proved critical tool.

However, the demand for tests, along with COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, has plummeted over the last year as cases and public concern about the virus dwindled from earlier in the pandemic.