U.S. accuse Indian official of directing assassination plot in New York


A Manhattan indictment says that agents have unsuccessfully orchestrated a plot against a Sikh separatist, a plan linked to a killing in Canada.

The audacious assassination plot against a Sikh separatist has been described as New York hit job with international implications.

The target was a lawyer at a New York – based group called Sikhs for Justice – an American citizen and an outspoken proponent of independence for the northern Indian state of Punjab.


And the man who would attempt to arrange his murder, as per the prosecutors, was an Indian man, who was hired by an official inside Indian government.

But the plot failed because the man planning the assassination hired a hit man, who was working for American government.

On Wednesday, the scheme went public as the federal prosecutors in Manhattan announced that they have charged Nikhil Gupta with murder for hire and conspiracy to commit murder for hire. The allegations could complicate the delicate relations among Washington, Ottawa, and New Delhi.

The prosecutors, in court documents, linked the plot to the killing in June of another Sikh, which happened in Canada’s Vancouver. They said that the Indian government official who orchestrated the killing in Canada, told Gupta that there is another target in California.