U.N. again delays vote on watered-down Gaza aid resolution; U.S. to vote in favor


The United States, along with its key allies and other Arab nations have engaged in a high-level diplomacy in hopes of avoiding another U.S. veto of a new U.N. resolution on desperately needed aid to Gaza ahead of long-delayed vote, which has been now scheduled for Thursday morning.

The U.S. has been struggling to change the text’s reference to a cessation of hostilities in the Israel – Hamas war. Another sticking point is the inspection of trucks entering in Gaza, to ensure that they are only carrying humanitarian goods. The current draft proposes a U.N. role, an idea Israel is likely to oppose.

The revised draft resolution was discussed by the council members behind the closed doors for hours before circulating it. Since there were many changes required, many said that they will be needed to consult their capitals before casting their vote, hence it is now expected on Friday.


The new text is being supported by the United States, as confirmed by U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield to the reporters post consultation.