U.K. migration figures new heights as government fails to control entrants


Net legal migration into Britain climbed to almost three quarters of a million people in 2022, as per the official statistics displayed on Thursday. The new record has been unwelcomed one by the country’s governing Conservative party, as they had claimed to use their power post Brexit to diminish the number of arrivals.

The figures served as a fresh attack on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, prompting fumes among his party leaders, as he also struggles to stop the asylum seekers arriving at the shore of British coast in small boats, deal with dismal polling numbers, and revive a slumbering economy.

Neil O’Brien, a Conservative lawmaker and a fellow supporter of Brexit, wrote on his social media handle, “In every election since 1992 we have promised to reduce immigration.” He added that the “extraordinary figures” showed on Thursday meant that the prime minister now must take “immediate and massive action.”


For the year ending December 2022, the country’s official statistical agency registered the figure of 745,000, which is an upward from  the estimated figure 606,000 – itself an record.

The statistics related to people arriving in the country mainly for either studies or work. The majority now comes from countries outside Europe, and the trend is politically awkward for the supporters of Brexit, including Conservative Party, who had claimed to take back the border control in their 2016 referendum campaign.