Twilight Director Envisions Jacob Elordi and Jenna Ortega as ‘Perfect’ Choices for Edward and Bella in Reboot


In a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the iconic Twilight film, director Catherine Hardwicke joined Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast for a special “watch-along” of the 2008 movie. During the podcast, they discussed the potential casting for an updated version of the beloved supernatural romance.

When Horowitz suggested that Jacob Elordi could be the modern-day Edward Cullen and mentioned Jenna Ortega, Hardwicke enthusiastically agreed, stating that Elordi, particularly after his recent work in the film “Saltburn,” would be an amazing Edward today. She endorsed Horowitz’s idea for Ortega as Bella Swan, praising the young rising star’s talent.

As the podcast continued, Hardwicke touched upon the future of the Twilight franchise, acknowledging reports about a potential Twilight series being developed at Lionsgate TV. However, she mentioned being uncertain about the exact direction of the new adaptation and acknowledged the impact of the recent WGA strike on Hollywood, suggesting that it might have influenced the development of the series.


Interestingly, Hardwicke expressed a desire to take the Twilight series into uncharted territory by envisioning a version set in outer space, aiming for something entirely different from the original setting.

The podcast also revealed a surprise Twilight reunion anecdote, where Hardwicke and Kristen Stewart coincidentally attended Robert Pattinson’s birthday party separately. They shared a fun moment of realizing they were both there, expressing surprise and joy at the unexpected reunion. Hardwicke described how Stewart, after ringing the gate’s bell, sought permission from Pattinson to join the celebration, which he warmly granted.

The director emphasized the amicable nature of the reunion, highlighting Pattinson’s kindness and how Stewart was pleasantly surprised to see her and Hardwicke at the party. The incident brought about a sense of nostalgia and excitement for the cast and crew, uniting them in a fun and unexpected gathering.