Tulsa King 2024: CBS announces S1 release date and time


Fans of Sylvester Stallone will soon have the opportunity to enjoy his streaming series, Tulsa King, as it is set to make its debut on broadcast television in 2024.

Despite his illustrious career in action-packed films, Stallone’s involvement in television has been relatively limited. However, Tulsa King, which he not only stars in but also executive produces, marks a significant milestone as his first leading role in a television series.

Tulsa King revolves around the character of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, portrayed by Stallone, who finds himself imprisoned for 25 years due to his association with the Mafia. Upon his release, Manfredi returns to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he becomes entangled once again in a life of crime.


The series promises to deliver a captivating blend of drama and suspense as viewers follow Manfredi’s journey through the criminal underworld of Tulsa. Stallone’s iconic presence and commanding performance are sure to captivate audiences as he navigates the challenges and dangers of his character’s tumultuous life.

As Tulsa King transitions from the streaming realm to broadcast television, fans can look forward to experiencing Stallone’s television debut in a whole new light, bringing his compelling storytelling and on-screen charisma to a wider audience.


Tulsa King Season 1 airing on CBS

CBS recently unveiled its Summer 2024 lineup, and one of the highly anticipated additions is Tulsa King. The show’s first season is slated to premiere on Sunday, July 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Initially, Tulsa King was exclusively available on Paramount+, but its move to CBS signals a strategic decision by Paramount to broaden the series’ audience reach. With the transition to broadcast television, Paramount aims to attract more viewers to the captivating storyline and dynamic characters of Tulsa King.

While several shows have transitioned from CBS to Paramount+, Tulsa King marks the first series to make the opposite journey. This shift underscores the importance of cross-platform distribution strategies in today’s media landscape, allowing content to reach diverse audiences across different platforms.

Interestingly, Tulsa King creator Taylor Sheridan has experience with this type of transition. His acclaimed series Yellowstone, originally airing on Paramount Network, made its way to CBS amidst the 2023 Hollywood strikes. This successful migration serves as a testament to the compelling storytelling and widespread appeal of Sheridan’s work.

As Tulsa King prepares to make its broadcast debut on CBS, fans can anticipate an exciting journey filled with suspense, intrigue, and unforgettable characters, further solidifying its place as a must-watch series in the summer lineup.


When Could Tulsa King Season 2 Release on Paramount+?

Bringing Tulsa King to CBS for its first season is indeed a strategic move, especially considering the mixed reactions from critics. Airing the show on broadcast television allows for broader exposure, potentially engaging audiences who might not have discovered it otherwise. This increased visibility sets the stage for building anticipation and momentum for the upcoming second season.

While an official premiere date for Tulsa King Season 2 has not been announced, there are clues to suggest a rough timeline. Production reportedly began in April, indicating that the team is actively working on the new season. Given that Season 1 had an eight-month turnaround time from production to premiere, it’s reasonable to speculate that Season 2 could debut in early 2025.

Fans eager to catch up on the series or revisit Season 1 can stream Tulsa King on Paramount+. As anticipation mounts for the continuation of the story, viewers can look forward to more thrilling twists and turns in the upcoming second season. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding Tulsa King’s return to the screen.