‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’ Promises a Formidable Adversary for Sam, Reveals Michael Dougherty!


After a prolonged wait, the much-anticipated Trick ‘r Treat sequel is finally emerging from development limbo, and director Michael Dougherty has some exciting plans in store for the beloved character, Sam. In 2022, Dougherty announced at Beyond Fest that the follow-up was in the works, although he kept details about the new anthology under wraps. However, during a Q&A session for Scary Perri’s Horror Series at Landmark Theaters, he shared a key detail about Sam’s next adventure: he will face a new adversary.

In the original film, Sam already had a run-in with a foe, Brian Cox’s character, Mr. Kreeg. This grumpy neighbor violated Halloween etiquette by scaring off kids instead of handing out candy. Eventually, he met the sharp end of Sam’s Jack-o’-Lantern lollipop. However, he proved to be no match for the determined little demon, ultimately yielding to Sam’s demands to respect the holiday traditions. According to Dougherty, Trick ‘r Treat 2 will introduce a nemesis for Sam that will give Brian Cox’s character a real challenge.

Sam is a pivotal element that gives Trick ‘r Treat its unique charm. Unlike the malevolent slasher villains like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, Sam serves as an enforcer of Halloween and Samhain traditions. He upholds a simple rule: if you honor the Halloween spirit, he’ll treat you kindly. Thanks to his adorable yet eerie design, coupled with a penchant for holiday-themed retribution, Sam has become a fan favorite and an icon of the season. A Halloween skeptic who can hold his own against Sam would indeed face a formidable opponent, just as Kreeg demonstrated his resilience and determination in upholding holiday customs.


Dougherty, the visionary behind the original film, will once again be at the helm to capture Sam’s new adventures and epic showdown with a new Halloween adversary. He’s reassembling much of the team that contributed to the original Trick ‘r Treat. Additionally, he’s enlisted his Krampus co-writers, Todd Casey and Zach Shields, to help craft the script for the anthology sequel. Although the project is actively in development, it’s worth noting that Trick ‘r Treat 2 won’t be hitting screens anytime soon, as Dougherty is still ironing out production details with Legendary Pictures before casting considerations can begin. The sequel will undoubtedly have high expectations to meet, given the stellar cast of the original film, including Cox, Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, Leslie Bibb, and Rochelle Aytes.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the original film exclusively on Max for this Halloween season.