Travis Kelce’s Parents, Ed and Donna, Share Their Thoughts on Taylor Swift!


It seems Taylor Swift has become an integral part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ extended family, thanks to her relationship with tight end Travis Kelce. The Grammy-winning singer has been spotted cheering on Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium, and it’s been noted that Kelce performs exceptionally well when she’s in the crowd.

Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, has expressed her fondness for Taylor Swift, describing her as “very sweet and down to earth.” Despite being more inclined towards music from her own era, Donna has embraced the experience of spending time with Swift in the Chiefs box.

Travis’ father, Ed Kelce, is also a fan of Taylor Swift and appreciates her humility. He was impressed when he saw her picking up empty bottles and plates in the suite, a sign to him that she’s down-to-earth and not affected by her global fame.


While the Kelce parents are supportive of Travis’ relationship with Swift, his older brother Jason Kelce has voiced some reservations. He acknowledges that dating someone as famous as Taylor Swift introduces another level of stardom that football players typically don’t have to navigate.

Ultimately, the Kelce family seems to be taking a supportive yet cautious approach to Travis’ high-profile relationship. As fans, we’ll have to wait and see how this unique love story continues to unfold.