Travis Kelce’s ex girlfriend Kayla Nicole reads out powerful open letter relating to ‘backlash and embarrassment’


Travis Kelce’e ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole penned a powerful open letter amid his budding romance with Taylor Swift.

The 31-year-old clapped back at the ’embarrassment and backlash’ she received while reading a lengthy letter on her Instagram handle Monday.

Her letter was addressed to “Black women, specifically,” explaining that it wasn’t her aim to “create division but [rather] elevate and unite” listeners.


She began with saying, “They may call you a traitor for falling in love… You’ll hope the ones closes will protect you but quickly realise people don’t protect what they don’t value.” Nicole dated Kelce on and off from 2017 to 2022.

She added that your value will be attributed with your net worth. In the same breath, you will both, ‘you are too much’ and ‘you are not enough’. They might also call you “not successful enough… maybe not even intelligent enough.”

Nicole encouraged her listeners to not “participate in this… often one-sided journey.” She explained that despite of them quantifying your character, you do not have to respond, rather preserve your heart because there is power in your silence.

“When the world gets dark and time gets hard and you fell like your back is against the wall and your hands are tied and nobody knows what it’s like to be you… this is only a small chapter in your story.” In the end, Nicole concluded with pointing the importance of “therapy, prayer, [and] community.”

Her open letter comes two weeks after Kelce and Swift went public with their romance.

Reacting to Nicole’s letter, her followers praised her for such a “beautiful, empowering” piece. One comment read, “I’m so proud of you!!! the elegance, the grance, the power!!! such an inspiration.”