Tori Spelling Opens Up About the Challenges of Single Parenthood During the Holiday Season


Tori Spelling, the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star, is navigating the challenges of single motherhood following her split from her estranged husband, Dean McDermott. In a candid expression on her Instagram stories, she opened up about the difficulties of last-minute Christmas shopping for her five children amidst the holiday rush.

Expressing her sentiments, Spelling shared her late start to Christmas shopping, facing the task of managing five Christmas lists with only three days left before the big day. Her predicament intensified when she realized she missed the Amazon Prime cutoff, leaving her no choice but to venture into in-person shopping, humorously remarking about “crushing this single mom Christmas 2023.”

Spelling shares her children, Liam (16), Stella (15), Hattie (11), Finn (10), and Beau (6), with McDermott, who publicly announced their divorce in June after 17 years of marriage. McDermott expressed his commitment to co-parenting their children with Spelling.

Recent reports detailed McDermott’s struggles, including a suicide attempt following a heated argument with Spelling. He openly discussed the incident on Instagram, revealing a moment of desperation when he consumed several sleeping pills in a distressing attempt to escape his situation. McDermott admitted to reaching a breaking point, citing regret for his actions and acknowledging the potential consequences for his family.

Following the incident, McDermott went through rehabilitation and has remained sober. However, due to circumstances at their rental house, Spelling and her children had to vacate, leading them to temporarily stay in a motel before relocating to an RV park. Additionally, photos released in October depicted Spelling exploring properties in the Los Angeles area.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Spelling continues to navigate the responsibilities of single parenthood while ensuring the well-being of her children amidst the aftermath of her split with McDermott.