Top 7 restaurants for dinner in California


California is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, boasting a wide array of restaurants that cater to every palate. Here’s a curated list of some of the top restaurants for dinner in the Golden State:

  1. French Laundry (Yountville): An iconic establishment offering a multi-course tasting menu showcasing exquisite French-inspired cuisine. Chef Thomas Keller’s culinary expertise makes this a must-visit for food enthusiasts.
The French Laundry | Thomas Keller Restaurant Group
image credits: Thomas Keller Restaurant Group


2. Gary Danko (San Francisco): Known for its sophisticated yet approachable menu, Gary Danko offers a blend of contemporary American, European, and Asian flavors. The personalized tasting menus and impeccable service elevate the dining experience.

Gary Danko, San Francisco - Get Gary Danko Restaurant Reviews on Times of  India Travel
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3. N/Naka (Los Angeles): Helmed by Chef Niki Nakayama, this restaurant specializes in modern kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course dining experience. The meticulously crafted dishes highlight seasonal ingredients with artistic presentations.

This week in L.A. restaurants: n/naka team opens izakaya n/soto, Greekman's  goes permanent - Los Angeles Times
image credits: Los Angeles Times

4. Providence (Los Angeles): A seafood-centric fine dining destination, Providence impresses with its innovative and elegant dishes. Chef Michael Cimarusti’s creations often feature sustainable and fresh catches from local waters.

How Providence Improbably Beat LA's Fine-Dining Odds - Eater
image credits: Eater

5. The Restaurant at Meadowood (St. Helena): Offering a refined dining experience in a picturesque setting, this restaurant showcases contemporary American cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. The tasting menu reflects the chef’s creativity and commitment to quality.

Dine at The Restaurant at Meadowood | Wine Paths
image credits: Wine Paths

6. SingleThread Farms (Healdsburg): Blending farm-to-table dining with Japanese influences, this restaurant provides a unique tasting menu experience. The ingredients are sourced from their own farm, ensuring freshness and seasonality.

SingleThread – Healdsburg - a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant
image credits: The Michelin Group

7. Benu (San Francisco): A Michelin three-starred restaurant, Benu presents a modern take on Asian-inspired cuisine. Chef Corey Lee’s innovative dishes and meticulous attention to detail make this an extraordinary culinary journey.

Benu: A Meditative Meal | KQED
image credits: KQED

Remember, reservations are often essential for these highly sought-after dining experiences. California’s diverse culinary landscape ensures there’s something for every taste, from upscale fine dining to innovative casual eateries, making it a haven for food lovers.