Top 5 restaurants and cafe for breakfast in Iowa


When it comes to the most important meal of the day, Iowa is home to an array of charming eateries that serve up hearty, satisfying breakfasts. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these five restaurants stand out for their mouthwatering dishes and inviting atmospheres.

1. Hamburg Inn No. 2 (Iowa City)

Hamburg Inn No. 2 will close 'indefinitely' in January (Updated) - Little Village
image credits: Little Village Magazine


Located in the heart of Iowa City, Hamburg Inn No. 2 is an iconic diner that has been serving up classic breakfast fare since 1948. Renowned for its “pie shakes” (a blend of pie and ice cream), this spot also offers an extensive breakfast menu featuring omelets, pancakes, and their famous “Stawberrry Chicken” – a unique combination of strawberries and chicken on a biscuit.

2. The Machine Shed Restaurant (Urbandale)

Machine Shed | Locations
image credits: Machine shed

For a hearty, farm-style breakfast, The Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale is a must-visit. This restaurant captures the essence of Iowa’s agricultural heritage with its cozy ambiance and generous portions. Indulge in their Farmer’s Skillet or try their famous Cinnamon Roll French Toast for a delightful morning treat.

3. Hickory Park (Ames)

Hickory Park Barbecue in Ames, IA – Heavy Table
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While famous for its BBQ, Hickory Park in Ames also serves a fantastic breakfast. This family-friendly restaurant offers a diverse breakfast menu, including fluffy pancakes, savory skillets, and decadent omelets. The cozy and rustic atmosphere adds to the charm of the dining experience.

4. Bluebird Diner (Iowa City)

The "Bird" is the word in Iowa City. - Picture of Bluebird Diner, Iowa City - Tripadvisor
image credits: Tripadvisor

Another gem in Iowa City, the Bluebird Diner is a retro-style eatery that prides itself on locally sourced ingredients and scratch-made dishes. From their delectable biscuits and gravy to their inventive specials, this diner has something for everyone. Don’t miss their homemade cinnamon rolls!

5. Village Inn (Various Locations)

Village Inn - Think Iowa City
image credits: Think Iowa City

With multiple locations across Iowa, Village Inn is a reliable choice for a classic American breakfast. Known for their pies, this chain offers a wide selection of breakfast options, from traditional favorites like eggs and bacon to creative dishes like their Ultimate Skillet.

Whether you’re craving a cozy, nostalgic diner experience or a farm-fresh breakfast, these five restaurants in Iowa have something to offer every breakfast enthusiast. From iconic institutions to local favorites, these spots are sure to kickstart your day with delicious flavors and warm hospitality.