Tom Cruise’s Beloved Christmas Tradition Adored by His Co-Stars


Tom Cruise’s unique Christmas tradition involves sending out a special cake to individuals he has worked with or collaborated within the movie industry. According to actor Glen Powell, who shared this delightful tidbit on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Cruise annually dispatches what is famously known as the “Tom Cruise cake” during the holiday season.

Powell explained that this tradition started as a personal gesture from Cruise to express gratitude and appreciation to those who have worked with him or have been involved in his movies. Over time, it has evolved into a widespread operation where thousands of these delectable cakes are sent out globally by Cruise every Christmas. The cake, described as a white chocolate coconut bundt cake, has gained fame for its deliciousness.

It’s been reported by The Guardian that notables such as Henry Cavill, Kirsten Dunst, Jimmy Fallon, and Graham Norton have been recipients of the coveted Cruise cake. Cruise sources these cakes from Doan’s Bakery in California and arranges for them to be delivered to various individuals via his private jet.


Stuart Heritage, a journalist from The Guardian, undertook a quest to receive a cake from Cruise and succeeded after a year of endeavoring. Upon sampling the cake, Heritage expressed astonishment at its delightful taste, describing it as soft, silky, and exceptionally rich, almost defying description. He even considered it as potentially the best cake he’d ever eaten.

This charming tradition showcases Cruise’s generous spirit and thoughtfulness in expressing his gratitude during the holiday season.