Tom Brady’s Streak of Unfortunate Supermodel Relationships: Irina Shayk Split Confirmed!


Tom Brady, the former New England Patriots player, ended his 13-year marriage with model Gisele Bündchen in 2022. The divorce announcement emphasized their mutual respect and gratitude for their time together, highlighting their shared focus on their children.

In early 2023, following his divorce, Brady made headlines with a revealing photo posted on social media. The image featured him in just his underwear, garnering significant attention. Speculation about his romantic life arose, initially linking him with Kim Kardashian, although nothing was officially confirmed.

Shortly thereafter, Brady entered a relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk. Their romance was first rumored in July 2023, when Shayk was seen leaving Brady’s home in Los Angeles. Over the following months, they appeared to be enjoying their time together, with sources indicating Shayk’s enthusiasm for the relationship. Despite some public attention regarding Shayk’s interactions with her ex-husband Bradley Cooper, Brady and Shayk were spotted together in New York.


However, recent reports suggest that Brady and Shayk have decided to end their relationship. The separation appears to have occurred amicably, without any reported drama. This development adds to Brady’s romantic history with high-profile supermodels, underscoring the challenges he has faced in maintaining long-term relationships.